Treacle Moon

Bright Labels - Green Story

Treaclemoon is a rapidly growing UK beauty brand offering bright and friendly bath and shower products.

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Treacle Moon
Treacle Moon


The Treaclemoon team are continually delivering new
fresh designs to their customers. Each product is
beautifully illustrated with its own creative story.

Bringing new products to the consumer can take
months. Treaclemoon utilise Royston Labels Inkjet digital
technology which delivers striking colours and high-resolution images while allowing frequent design changes with zero origination costs.

The finished products have a label-less look created by
using a clear PP with special wet-out adhesive.

The brand also has a clear sustainability strategy:
– 100% vegan formula
– 92% biodegradable formula
– Recycled plastic packaging
– 100% recyclable packaging

‘For our brand Treaclemoon, Royston Labels have been
an essential and long standing partner in providing
options of cost effective innovation for our limited
and special edition products. Equally Royston Labels
have continually offered a full, comprehensive and
professional service throughout concept to delivery.
We wouldn’t go anywhere else.’

Duncan Bush
CEO, Blue Orange Brand Management Ltd.