Innovation Project

Make a Mark

Digital & Flexo Print, Hot Foil Micro Emboss, Hot Foil Holographic, Blind Hot Stamp and Multi-Level Emboss / Dome Emboss.

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Innovation Project
Innovation Project

The Project:

Royston Labels is proud to have been selected as the UK label printer for a global initiative called ‘Make a Mark 2022’, working with leading agency Black Eye Project on their innovative Vodka label design ‘Bartletts Final Nail’. Make a Mark is an exclusive design innovation project developed by three global industry leaders: Estal, Avery Dennison, and LEONHARD KURZ.

Print Method:

-Digital & Flexo Print
-Hot Foil Micro Emboss
-Hot Foil Holographic
-Blind Hot Stamp
-Multi-Level Emboss / Dome Emboss

“This exciting and technically challenging project needed the technical & production team @ Royston to dig deep and combine craftmanship, skills and experience that they had gained with highly embellished labels to deliver an incredible result. The label design required a combination of Flexo & Digital Print and various foiling and embossing techniques, it also uses a special paper from Avery Dennison, which when blind hot stamped becomes transparent. The level of detail throughout the labels design and the tolerances worked to, were incredibly challenging, however the results are a tribute to all concerned.”

Paul Clayton, Managing Director, Royston Labels Ltd.

The Creative: 

The team at Black Eye Project explored the ominous world the vintage poison bottles and found inspiration in their sinister shapes and intriguing choices of cobalt blue. The team devised the story based on the infamous Pimlico Poisoning Mystery of the 19th century, in which Adelaide Bartlett was bizarrely acquitted of murdering her husband. Victorian aesthetics influence several of Black Eye Projects design cues, so the team needed to combine the potency of the past with modern day elements. While the sculpted glass and typefaces on modern design, the meticulous graphic detail and filigree are reminiscent of another era. The classic skull is accompanied by the final nail illustration with a warning ‘X’ placed off centre like a cautionary stamp. The unsubtle brand positioning ‘Handmade with Malice’ is embossed into the glass and hot stamped on the lid. An aged holographic mug shot of the villainous Adelaide Bartlett stares coldly from the bottled space and on second look, her face becomes a haunting skull.

“From the very beginning of the project, it was very reassuring to know we were working alongside Royston. In previous collaborations they’ve always delivered when we’ve pushed the boundaries and, for this project, we had to go even further! Paul and John were always available to talk through all the crazy ideas we proposed for the label. The end result is pretty spectacular, and the amount of technique and detail in there is something we didn’t think possible. It’s a label everyone involved in should be proud of. “

Jim Lobley, Executive Creative Director, Black Eye Project