Busi Jacobsohn

Beautiful Embossing

‘Royston labels have vastly improved the quality of our labels and helped us overcome the challenges we experienced with other label suppliers.’ Susanna Busi Jacobsohn.

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Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn


Royston listened to Busi Jacobsohn and the frustrations that they were experiencing and Royston’s in house technical team took over and made the following recommendations.

Royston decided to print the labels digitally and part of our service to all our clients is our wet proofing process which allowed Busi Jacobsohn to approve specific colours that had been chosen for the strong brand and be assured that specific colour matching for the range of labels was achieved in advance of the main run.

The material was switched to include a PET Liner which immediately gave us the opportunity to improve the depth and sharpness of the emboss. The introduction of a high gloss tactile screen onto the printed logo and bold text added another layer to the decoration which resulted in achieving a premium elevation to the packaging.

Royston are very self-critical but the whole team were delighted with the results that were achieved for the client.


Busi Jacobsohn is a unique, family run wine estate located in the beautiful high weald of East Sussex, the heart of the growing English wine industry.

Busi Jacobson is passionate about developing a strong and respected brand. The dream is to make Busi Jacobsohn a highly regarded name in the English wine industry, by sharing the unique qualities that come from the single estate sparkling wines, which they believe speak for themselves and demonstrate their passion and knowledge.

Their team always strive for perfection, and they believe this is best achieved by working respectfully with nature to make terroir-driven wines, as well as learning from experience – their own, and that of our fellow winemakers – and always staying open-minded. They love the English wine industry and all the opportunities it brings, and feel very fortunate that their lifestyle allows them to do what we love.

Their beautiful range currently includes:

Rose Extra Brut 2018
Classic Cuvée Brut
2018Blanc de blancs
2018 Blanc de Noirs 2018