Screen printing

A versatile technology that can enhance any label

Screen printing, also known as screen process or silk screen printing, is one of the oldest forms of printing. In the past century, the process has become automated; stencils are now produced photographically, and rotary techniques and UV inks are used. Other than these alterations, the process has undergone very little change.     

We offer two styles of screen printing: flatbed and rotary. Flatbed screen printing is a relatively slow process as it requires the web of material to come to a stop for each cycle. We typically utilise this technology for additional decoration to digitally printed labels.

Rotary screen is available in our factory in combination with UV flexo; these two processes merge seamlessly to achieve a high-quality result. In rotary screen, both the mesh carrying the photographic image and the substrate come together as cylinders. This reduces the area of contact and sharpens the image being printed.