Romanov Dynasty Edition

Rich Pantone blues, high quality paper and fine gold detailing combine to make this premium spirit label stand out on the shelf.

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Romanov Dynasty Edition is a unique spirit drink named for the last imperial family of Russia. In a twist that will excite any vodka enthusiast, Romanov blends 99% wheat vodka with 1% eau-de-vie de Cognac – a subtle nod to the Romanov family’s French connections. Though vodka remains the dominant spirit here, the addition of Cognac lends flavour notes of fruit and oak that make it the ideal fireside digestif.

The Royston team was lucky enough to print the label for this exciting drink, which was designed by branding & packaging design company Cartils. We began by selecting a high-quality, moisture-resistant label material – Super White Opaque paper – and set to work bringing the details to life. 

The labels were printed in rich shades of Pantone blue, and feature a range of careful embellishments. Two key focal points – the Russian double-headed eagle, and the French fleur-de-lis – have been carefully marked out in gold to highlight this special drink’s dual nationalities. Gold foil and gold ink is used across the bottle, in combination with subtle embossed details and tactile varnish that achieve an appealing textural finish.

The finishing touch is a decorative tamper-evident seal, detailed with fine gold line-work and topped with the eagle crest. Despite all our hard work, we can’t imagine that seal staying unbroken for long!

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