Que Bella

Que Bella face mask sachets

A durable embellished sachet was the perfect all-in-one packaging and labelling solution for this affordable American beauty product.

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Que Bella is a brand with a clear mission: to make innovative beauty products fun and affordable. Their ever-expanding facemask range includes peel-off, clay, mud and cream varieties and is sold at Target, one of the largest retailers in the USA. Their products are notable for their use of colourful packaging and natural ingredients.

Earlier this year the Royston Labels team was invited to manufacture some packaging for the Que Bella facemask range. The solution the brand was seeking was a simple sachet – something highly functional that would work with their budget.

The sachet format is a fantastic option for a product such as a facemask. Not only is a sachet flexible and securely sealed, meaning leaks or breakages are practically impossible, it’s also slim-line and well suited to a high-volume storage. Beyond that, a sachet combines packaging and labelling in one format, significantly reducing costs.

The printing method we used for Que Bella’s facemask sachets was continuous sleeve flexographic. We printed onto a flexible packaging material with a protective aluminium barrier, and used a silver substrate to achieve metallic colour effects.

From a manufacturing point of view, sachets are highly cost-effective. They can be produced quickly, and distributed cheaply and easily. As a versatile format that can be adapted to many different needs, they have a number of applications across a variety of sectors, including Health & Pharmaceuticals.

If you’re interested in our sachet manufacturing capabilities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today.

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