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Pooch Pampering Products

I have always found Royston Labels’ service and quality to be top class. Their attention to detail, and helping us achieve the best from our designs is great support... Judy Phillips - Chief NPD

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Sniffe & Likkit are pooch-pampering products based on an all-natural aromatherapy oil scent. The luxurious shampoos, fragrances, balms and wipes represent a gentler approach to dog grooming.Perfect for cleaning muddy paws or sprucing up a dull and dirty, furry coat. Sniffe & Likkit’s signature scent ‘Woodland Wonderfur’ was created by pet aromatherapists using high grade essential oils - renowned for their calming and soothing qualities. Containing a unique blend of Cedarwood, Vetiver, Petitgrain, Juniper Berry and Ho leaf, it imparts a wonderful woodland aroma (‘fougere’ in fine fragrance circles) that appeals to both hounds and humans - and which helps calm dogs when washing and grooming. (With a dog’s sense of smell being incredibly powerful - up to 100,000 times more developed than ours - ‘Wonderfur’ triggers thoughts of frolicking in forests - and makes a welcome change from confusing artificial smells found in many grooming products). Working hand in hand with the scent is a powerhouse blend of actives and botanicals - including organic aloe vera leaf juice, quillaja soap bark and white willow bark extracts - formulated to deliver optimum fur and skin care benefits. A plus for pooch parents is the inclusion of natural deodorisers which also waft away woofy whiffs - helping make pet spaces and places smell divine! Each Sniffe & Likkit product is beautifully presented in striking yet practical silver aluminium packaging (recyclable and reusable) and easy to use tubes - not to be sniffed at when you’re trying to groom a dog!


For any new brand, decoration and strong shelf presence is key, which can often be restricted with budget limitations. Using our ink jet technology, we were able to offer a high-end label at an affordable costSniffe & Likkit wanted to achieve a high full decoration product. We recommended using a full wrap and full height tube label. The label covers the complete circumference of the tube and runs into the crimp area. For the aluminium, a ‘no look’ label was required. Using special wet out adhesives, this desired outcome was fulfilled.As a new brand to market and an existing relationship with the client Royston labels were on hand to offer help and advice on label sizing, print technologies and finishes.


The Royston brand is defined by a commitment to innovation and a culture of continuous improvement. We are constantly investing in new technologies which aid the development of our processes and allow us to pioneer new standards, keeping us in a leading position within our industry.

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