Mór Gin

Mór Gin

An adventurous gin in an adventurous bottle. Reverse printing, “barcode art” and an innovative layout make our label for Mór gin a true standout.

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Hailing from Tullamore, Ireland, Mór gin has garnered a reputation for its distinctive flavour, which combines raspberry, coriander, angelica root, and – of course – juniper. Handcrafted and inspired by both the changing seasons and the distillery’s wild surroundings, this is a drink that demands a special kind of packaging.

When we were asked to manufacture the new label for Mór, we were delighted at the prospect of taking on such a challenge. Housed in a long, slender bottle with a cork stopper, the new Mór bottle lends itself perfectly to an experimental label. To create the impressive finish, we printed one of the longest labels we’ve produced in one pass on a single press, using highly textured cotton material and a high build textured matte varnish to create an antique feel

The length of the label enabled us to double-wrap it around the bottle on a slant; the resulting gap allows for the reverse of the label to be seen from the front. For an exciting visual twist, the inside (which faces directly onto the glass) has been printed with a black and white floral pattern that recalls a vintage etching or line drawing.

The finishing touch comes in the form of “barcode art”: turn the bottle around and you’ll find that the barcode has been transformed into a miniature artwork, complete with a monochrome mountain range.

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