Griffiths Brothers Distillery Ltd

Griffiths Brothers Cold Distilled Gin

The label for this Cold Distilled Gin combines simple black line work with gorgeous detailing and vivid flashes of blue. This is bold and stylish packaging for an innovative, modern gin.

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The Griffiths Brothers name is associated with premium gin that has been created using cold distillation to better capture the flavours of the botanicals. In manufacturing the label for this special drink, the Royston team used a series of specialised techniques to ensure the highest quality finish.

The label was printed on an Ultra Clear Self Adhesive Material to ensure that it was practically invisible when applied to the glass bottle and that the large, bold design was clearly delineated. High definition raised print was applied to give a smooth textural quality to the text, and vibrant blue detailing was achieved with premium inks.

For an innovative finishing touch, a heat-responsive section was added to the back. We manufactured this portion of the label using thermochromic ink, which turns blue when the gin is cold enough to drink. At warmer temperatures, the blue fades – indicating that it’s time for a trip back to the refrigerator.

Our team is delighted with the overall finish, which we believe reflects the modern, minimalist edginess of the Griffiths Brothers brand. 

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