Fitz Sparkling Pink Wine

The Royston team used pearlescent paper and fluted gold foiling to create this premium label for an English pink sparkling wine.

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Fitz is an English sparkling wine company that was first founded in 2016. They were inspired to begin creating their premium wines when they noticed a gap in the market for an alternative to that traditional French Champagne taste. Using the Charmat method of secondary fermentation, they gathered a selection of grapes that would create a fruity and approachable sparkling wine with wide appeal.

Recently, Fitz brought out a sparkling pink which is the first of its kind in England. Crisp and light with red berry flavours, this pink wine is ideal for special occasions.

The product label was designed by the branding experts at Amphora. The Royston Labels team was then invited to manufacture the label and we were happy to oblige!

The resulting label is based upon a brief very similar to the label for Fitz’s sparkling white. The chic design is a blend of the traditional and the modern, hinting at the luxury status of the wine with its gold detailing and crown illustrations.

We printed onto FSC-certified Super Pearl Opaque paper, which has an attractive pearlescent finish and boasts excellent wet strength. To achieve the required shade, we flooded the paper with a coat of rose gold pink.

The next step was to add some premium embellishments with gold foil, using a fluted emboss technique to create depth and texture on the main FITZ lettering and the gold crown. Particular attention was paid to the foil crown to ensure that the intricate design was clearly defined.

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