Ensuring consistency for rebrand project

During the re-brand of Drapolene® Cream, one of our primary concerns was to ensure that the colours and vignettes used on different packaging elements was consistent...

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During the re-brand of Drapolene® Cream, one of our
primary concerns was to ensure that the colours and
vignettes used on different packaging elements was
consistent. Lucia, John and the team at Royston worked
with us to ensure that the final product is something
that we are all proud of. The team talked us through
various printing processes as well as sent us samples
of these different finishes. Once this had been decided,
the team also organised samples at differing colour
intensities to ensure that we had an exact match to
other aspects of our brand’s packaging. This assistance
and co-operation have been greatly appreciated,
especially during the pandemic when face-to-face
meetings were not practical.
Vijay Ruparelia
Supra Enterprises

Drapolene® Cream is an effective treatment for nappy
rash and adult urinary dermatitis. Its unique antiseptic
formulation gently soothes the inflammation, reduces the
redness on the skin and helps stop the bacteria growing
that causes the irritation in the first place.
It contains two antiseptics: benzalkonium chloride and
cetrimide, which soothe and treat the rash, helping to stop
the growth of bacteria. It also contains two moisturisers:
white paraffin and lanolin, which moisturise the skin and
form a protective barrier that prevents external irritants
from reaching the skin. Used at every nappy change or
toilet visit Drapolene® Cream can help to prevent and
treat nappy rash for babies and prevent and treat urinary
dermatitis in adults. Drapolene® Cream is also licensed
to give soothing, effective relief from minor burns, such as
mild sunburn.

Our client was looking to create fresh and unique packaging across the brand new Drapolene Cream Labels and Cartons, Royston were delighted to support the Drapolene team with colour and brand packaging expertise.

The first step was to choose a suitable material for the application and decoration of the label and ensure that
the labels were sized correctly for the components.The labels were going to be constructed in our Wrapeel format which consists of two parts, a wrap label that has a booklet mounted in roughly the back panel of the label which combines many text pages neatly into the overall design.

A digital printing process was selected for the design requirements and for the addition of Braille and this helped us to achieve the complex vignette matches that were required. Royston also provided wet proofs which enabled the client to pick specific vignette strength that was key to this project. Royston Labels would normally for any tub or jar label encourage blank labels for application trials and this was taken up by the client.

Another key feature that helped to improve the aesthetics of the booklet label was using opaque materials which allowed dark coloured text to be printed on the inside pages of the booklet without any show through.

An internal press pass was also held during the main scheduled production allowing the client to check that all of the preliminary work actually delivered the best result.