East London Gin

East London Gin

To achieve a vintage look and feel for this gin label, our team turned to a tricky, ultra-porous paper substrate – with fantastic results.

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At Royston Labels, we’re always excited to work with independent young brands doing interesting work in the wines & spirits sector. Earlier this year we collaborated with East London Liquor Company, the first vodka, gin and whisky distillery to arise in London’s East End for over a century. Working from a fantastic brief developed by designers at Stranger & Stranger, our team manufactured a label for the brand’s East London Liquor Company Premium Gins, which are distilled from 100% British wheat spirit and infused with botanicals such as juniper, sage and Darjeeling tea.

From the word go this was a challenging project. The desired effect for the labelling was something artisan and vintage; with that in mind we opted for a very porous paper substrate, Fleur De Coton White, which gives a fantastic natural finish. Though Fleur De Coton is robust, easy to embellish, and mould-proof, it also requires heavy ink coverage. The process of selecting the correct primers and inks, and printing consistently on this substrate required a great deal of skill and expertise from our team.

Another complex aspect of the project brief was the use of embellishments. The bottom label bears a pink “For the UK Market” stamp, which we overprinted with a security varnish; under UV light this security varnish becomes readable. In addition to this sophisticated anti-counterfeiting embellishment we incorporated aesthetic details into the label. We utilised flatbed embossing to give the main label a textural dimension and to highlight East London Liquor Company branding.

The result is a label set that blends an antique aesthetic with modern functionality – and we’re delighted with the finished product.

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