Working for Royston Labels: Tom Andrew

Working for Royston Labels: Tom Andrew

How did you start out at Royston Labels?

I started working here in 2010 when I was 18, as a rewinder. A rewinder does the final inspection on the labels and slits the reels down into a more manageable size for the customer to handle.

About six months later I became a number two. This is a printer’s assistant, and it involves helping to prep the machines for their next job by ensuring everything is ready on the press. I helped with turnarounds, laying up plates, mixing ink, and cleaning after turnarounds, and just generally assisted the printers with whatever they needed doing!

How did you progress into your next role?

I trained as a printer and ultimately became a print floater, which means I provided cover for operators. This involved learning how to run all the presses so that I could provide cover during lunch breaks, sickness and holidays. I also covered for my supervisors when they were away

Working for Royston Labels: Tom Andrew

What is your current role and what does it entail?

My current role is shift supervisor. I supervise a shift of 18 people, and also a number of people on the day shift. My role is mainly to manage the shift to ensure the smooth running of the production process. I also take responsibility for the quality of the product produced during my shift. This means I have to be on hand to troubleshoot any issues that might arise on the machines.

What skills have you acquired since joining Royston Labels?

In addition to acquiring printing skills I’ve also achieved my forklift license, and completed a first aid course. I’m very grateful for the opportunities the company has given me over the years.

Thanks Tom!