Two New Certificates for Royston Labels

Royston Labels the new facilities

Earlier this year, we completed the transition to our brand new facility. We are now pleased to announce that this new site has been awarded PS 9000:2016 / ISO 15378:2017 certification. In addition, our company has also received ISO 9001:2015 certification.

PS 9000 / ISO 15378 certificates are awarded to companies that have achieved certain standards in the manufacture of packaging or labelling for medicinal products. By achieving this certification for our new site, we have demonstrated that Royston Labels meets a number of key criteria for the handling of medicinal products, including operating within a safe and hygienic environment. With this certificate under our belt, our customers within the pharmaceutical sector can rest easy knowing that their products are in safe hands.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised Quality Management System (QMS) – in other words, a set of policies and processes which relate to how a company is managed at every level. Holding this business standard indicates that a company pursues efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. For clients familiar with the standard, the benefits will be clear – those new to ISO 9001 can expect improved communication, more reliable scheduling, and a higher standard of customer service when compared with companies who don’t have the certificate.

You can learn more about Royston’s capabilities and industry certifications by reading our website’s About Us section, or getting in contact today on +44 (0)1763 212 020.

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