Royston Labels at Viti-Culture 2019: A guide to this year’s event

Royston Labels at Viti-Culture 2019: A guide to this year’s event

If you work in the wine sector, you might have already marked 11th July on your calendar as a date to remember. This summer, suppliers, manufacturers, and packaging specialists who work within wine production (including the Royston Labels team) will descend upon Plumpton College in East Sussex for the first ever Viti-Culture exhibition.

A joint venture by Vineyard Magazine and Grape Vine Events Ltd, Viti-Culture was dreamt up as a way of educating existing and prospective growers about wine production.

This year’s inaugural exhibition is dedicated to the suppliers and services available to growers in the UK; on the day 40 exhibitors will be in attendance, and visitors will be invited to attend a number of seminars led by some of the biggest names in UK wine production.

At Royston Labels, we’ve spent many years working within the wine sector, acquiring a level of expertise that has allowed us to develop innovative new packaging techniques perfectly suited to the demands of wine production.

Our keen understanding of what goes into wine labelling is something that has come from the very top – as illustrated in this recent interview with our Managing Director Paul Clayton.

Recent innovations have included Label’Glass, a technique that allows us to “print” raised decorative emblems onto glassware, and two new foiling techniques carried out on our cutting edge Pantec Rhino unit. We’ve also branched out into sustainable materials such as Grape Touch: an uncoated paper facestock made from 15% grape waste sourced from the wine industry.

With more new vineyards popping up across the country every day (an estimated 1.7 million vines were planted in the UK in 2018) it’s never been a better time for an event like Viti-Culture.

If you’re interested in attending Viti-Culture and learning more about Royston’s wine labelling expertise, register here and head to Plumpton College, Stand 70, on 11th July. Doors open at 8.30am!

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