Royston Labels targets ‘zero to landfill’ policy

Royston Labels has announced it is targeting a ‘Zero to Landfill’ policy.

The label manufacturer has committed to reducing its manufacturing waste, recycling its matrix waste and backing paper and using wherever possible sustainable materials.

The company’s top priority, though, is recycling.

Reducing manufacturing waste is being impacted by a focussed lean programme but also the investment of 100% digital camera inspection equipment on presses and inspection equipment.

Paul Clayton, managing director at Royston Labels, told Packaging News: “This investment started over 10 years ago, we wanted to highlight to our customers and our own teams how important and essential quality and consistency of our product was.

“Recycling our matrix and backing paper waste started about 18 months ago and we utilise the services of three separate companies to do this.”

He added that wherever possible, the company was working with suppliers using a combination of lightweight materials, FSC compliant and recycled materials.

By Waqas Qureshi

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