PaperSpecs reviews our label for Griffiths Brothers Gin!

PaperSpecs reviews our label for Griffiths Brothers Gin!

In 2017 we teamed up with Griffiths Brothers to manufacture an innovative and modern label for their small batch, cold-distilled gin. Made from ultra clear (almost invisible) self-adhesive material and printed with a bold black and blue design, it’s a label that boasts some truly unique features, several of which are explored in a recent review from PaperSpecs.

PaperSpecs is a resource for industry designers and manufacturers detailing the latest developments in paper and print. Founder Sabine Lenz is an art director and designer with over 30 years experience, so it’s a true honour to have her single out our work for praise.

In her review, which you can watch and read at the PaperSpecs site, Lenz highlights the most innovative and exciting aspect of this label: a heat-responsive section on the back of the bottle that turns blue when it has been chilled to an optimum drinking temperature (an effect created with thermochromic ink).

As Lenz notes, this feature doesn’t just serve a practical purpose, it also reinforces the gin’s unique selling point, cold distillation, a process which better captures the flavours of the botanicals and creates a cleaner, smoother taste.

Another aspect of the label praised by Lenz is our clever use of high-speed inkjet printing, a quick and cost-effective method of applying ink to a substrate that lends the label “a pleasing tactile aspect”.

You can learn more about this exciting label by clicking here – or, even better, by buying your own bottle!