A closer look at our new press: the HP Indigo 6900

A closer look at our new press: the HP Indigo 6900

Last year the Royston team moved into brand new premises kitted out with state-of-the-art machinery, including our Nilpeter FA-4* press. Since the move, we’ve added another new press: the HP Indigo 6900.

This cutting edge digital press is highly versatile. It offers incredible high-resolution printing, with advanced colour automation and colour-matching, and is suited to the trickiest label formats. The 6900 can handle flexible packaging, sleeves, wrap-around labels and folding cartons, and can print onto a wide variety of synthetic and paper substrates, on thicknesses of 12-450 microns.

The ink portfolio of the HP Indigo 6900 includes a wide range of whites, high-value colours, and invisible inks, and will let us achieve up to 97% of PANTONE shades. What’s more, it can print up to 30 metres per minute in 4-colour mode, and up to 40 metres per minute in Enhanced Productivity Mode. In short: it’s a press that will free up a lot of our time.

A last benefit is that this press has been designed with the environment in mind. The 6900 is manufactured carbon neutral, and offers reduced production waste and energy efficiency. It also supports eco-certified materials including sustainable primers, varnishes and adhesives.

Royston believes that by adding the latest model of HP machine to its already versatile digital equipment which includes Inkjet, they can satisfy the most challenging of packaging needs and give the brand every option.

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