Bringing an embossed look to glass

Royston Labels Formes de Luxe 2018

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Bringing an embossed look to glass.

Giving a glass surface the look of an embossed or molded bottle without applying those techniques has been simplified with UK-based Royston Labels’ Label’ Glass, its latest patented innovation. “Label’ Glass has the feel and the look of emboss. The material is deposited automatically onto the glass as is a self-adhesive label, but it is not technically a label”, explains Royston new business development manager Tracey Tripp.

Label’ Glass comes in three standard thicknesses and four colours and the decoration can also be personized. The technique is particularly suited to sparkling wine, which often cannot support a full emboss due to the bottles’ thickness as it weakens the glass. Label’ Glass is also significantly cheaper than a traditionally embossed bottle.

Source: Formes de luxe, January 2018.