Brand Security: Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions from Royston Labels

Anti-counterfeiting and security solutions are increasingly in-demand features, with the brand protection market set to increase 16% by 2020.

As a label manufacturer working across several different sectors, we have found that security is prioritised by companies within pharmaceuticals, electronics, food & wine, and high-end cosmetics. For brands within these sectors, anti-counterfeiting features are desirable as they allow for product authentication and enable traceability through the supply chain.

The question is: what exactly do modern anti-counterfeiting features look like and how do they work?

In simple terms, anti-counterfeiting solutions are special features integrated into labels that are difficult or even impossible to copy. These features mean that authentic products can be differentiated from counterfeit copies. In addition to anti-counterfeiting features, anti-tampering products can also be used to boost security.

Royston’s Security Features:

We offer a range of different anti-counterfeiting features, which can be adapted to a wide range of packaging styles.


We supply micro-embossed metallised papers or films with holographic 2D or 3D patterns. For extra security these holograms can be registered with the Industrial Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) database.

Security papers

We use papers free from Optical Brightening Agents with or without integrated visible or UV luminescent fibres. We can also integrate watermarks and threads into label material. These security papers are well suited to official documents that require authentication.

Security threads

We supply threads manufactured from film material, which can be inserted into labels. These threads can be made visible or invisible and can be customised with holograms, text and fluorescent print coatings.

YuMOVE: An Anti-Counterfeiting Case Study

Recently we worked with Pet Healthcare Company LINTBELLS to produce anti – counterfeiting packaging for their canine supplement YuMOVE.

The labels were printed digitally and then embellished with a bespoke holographic silver foil and invisible fluorescent varnish for the repeating Lintbells security mark. The labels were then overlaminated to ensure the labels could not be damaged or defaced.

For a company such as Lintbells who have many premium brands, this hard – to -copy feature means that their YuMOVE product can be easily authenticated, protecting the brand and ensuring safety for consumers (and their pets)

If you’re interested in engaging our services for anti-counterfeiting purposes, get in touch today.

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