Cosmetics & personal care

Attractive, fit-for-purpose labels that are guaranteed to make heads turn

The Royston team has a huge amount of experience in cosmetics and personal care, having been a supplier to these markets for some time. As such, we have a deep appreciation for the quality and on-pack results required.   

Our inspiring designs bring decorative and functional innovation to our clients. We use special varnishes and textures, innovative laminates, and techniques such as combination printing to achieve the best possible results.

Special label formats can be used to offer additional room for brand promotions or language translations; our Wrapeel™ style is one fantastic way of creating extra space on bottles, tubes and jars, and makes the label a functional part of the packaging.

Royston’s complete understanding of the supply chain makes it easy for the brand or contract manufacturer to get what they need, when they need it.

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