Single-ply pressure sensitive labels offer an extremely versatile, low cost way of decorating almost any component or material. They can also add a level of luxury, allowing for branding possibilities not achievable with an alternative process.



    Our celebrated Wrapeel™ label combines seamlessly a 1, 2 or 3-ply peel & read label onto a full-wrap for bottles, jars and tubes.
    If required, we are happy to provide detailed drawings to assist with the formatting of your artwork.
    This approach has allowed many of our customers to considerably reduce their SKU count by combining several regions and their languages into the peel & read part of the label.



    Compact, information-rich booklets that maximise packaging space and minimise cost.
    Instead of printing a loose package insert, which is in danger of getting lost or forgotten, you can print a specially made information leaflet which attaches to the side of your product like any other label.



    Save on space and streamline your packaging design with our innovative Peel & Read labels
    Formatted to replace a single-ply back label or base label where space is a premium, our Peel & Read labels allow detailed product and promotional information to be included without compromising the design. A decorative top layer can be peeled away from the other layers to reveal extensive text and further information printed on the internal sides.
    Usually made from waterproof films which allow plenty of end user handling.



    Simple, affordable and high-quality sheeted labels.
    Our sheeted labels offer a cost effective, practical label solution for everything from high-end events to schoolroom environments.
    Pick your design, and the shape and style of your label, and we can print small or large quantities.
    If required, we can fold your labels for magazine insertion, or add further decorative finishes such as foil, scratch & sniff, or fluorescent inks, even printing on the backing paper at the same time.

  • Smart Screen Collage Labels

    Smart Screen Collage Labels

    80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they’re offered a personalised experience. And big brands are looking to create more individual experiences in packaging.

    At Royston Labels brands are able to create truly unique variations on their designs. Brands to supply the basic elements and rules for a design and HP Collage automatically creates large numbers of variations in the label.



  • Mosaic Labels

    Mosaic Labels

    At Royston Labels brands are able to create truly unique variations on their designs meeting consumer needs and choice. Brands simply supply single artwork and rules for a design and HP’s Mosaic digital technology automatically creates large numbers of variations in the label.

  • Competition labels

    Competition labels

    Royston Labels are able to include individual and batch code information in labels to allow brands to run competitions or sales promotions.