Raised, tactile & spot varnish

Give your label design an elegant textured and visual finish with our varnish techniques

Varnish is a common and practical addition to a label, which provides a necessary layer of protection to the material, while boosting its visual appeal. Varnish can come in many forms; at Royston we offer: 

  • Low varnishing in gloss, matte, satin, pearlescent, antimicrobial, sand, soft touch, reticulation and frosted.
  • Medium raised varnishing in gloss, matte, pearlescent, reticulation and frosted.
  • High raised varnishing in gloss, matte, reticulation, glitter, foam and frosted. Like embossing, High raised varnish builds texture on areas of your label.

Clever label designs with a mixture of different varnishes can be especially effective and eye-catching.

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