Anti-counterfeiting & security products

Ensure brand security with our cutting edge anti-counterfeit and security labels

As technology advances and becomes more widely available around the globe, it has become increasingly important for businesses to protect their products with security and anti-counterfeiting labels, from low through to high level security.

We can produce and support:


  • Micro-embossed metallised papers and films with 2D/3D holographic diffraction patterns
  • Irreversible VOID messages left behind when the label is detached
  • Labels which destruct upon removal
  • Perforated material designs


  • Photochromic, thermochromic inks
  • Trace and track inks
  • Optical variable inks
  • Scratch-off inks


  • Holographic foils
  • Bespoke holographic foils unique to your brand
  • Diffractive optically variable image


  • Digital variable data
  • Embossing (e.g. watermarking)

Smart Technologies

  • QR coding
  • NFC
  • RFID

Engage our anti-counterfeiting services today, and you’ll get peace of mind – along with a fantastic finished label.